About our babynest

Vidas babynest are designed and handmade at our local workshop on Dikeveien, Fredrikstad, Norway. As a result of this, we are able to maintain a vigilant quality control down to the smallest details of our products.

Our babynest gives your baby a safe and warm start to life, and its shape is designed to embrace their little bodies, offering a cosy feeling and sense of security. The nests can be used for new-borns until approx. +/- 7 months of age, and can be used on the sofa, floor, cot, bassinet or even in your own bed when your wanting little one to sleep with you.

The nests are made from cotton fabrics and made with a 3cm thick polyester fibre mattress. The bolster is filled with a flame retardant, and Oeko-Tex certified soft polyester wadding. All the babynests are made with a hidden safety pocket for rope used to tighten the nest.

All our babynests can made with or without the white lace trimming.

You can also design your own personalised babynest with your chosen favourite colour.


Textiles/fabrics: We only use 100% cotton fabrics that are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified for our babynests. Our textiles are purchased from Norwegian and European vendors and manufacturers.

Mattress: The mattresses are made from polyester fibres composite, and are produced in Norway especially for our babynests. Designed to be firm and not to soft, according to LUB (a Norwegian national association for unexpected child death) recommendations.

Wadding: We use Norwegian produced polyester wadding, which are Oeko-Tex certified and flame retardant. The nests integrated bolster is filled compact, nevertheless still airy.

Mattress support fibreboard: Our babynests are in addition equipped with a 3mm fibreboard, which makes the nest more stable and safer. The support boards are made of compressed wood fibres, completely without any harmful and poisonous additives. The fibreboard can be removed by unzipping the nest at the base, if you feel that the nest is too stiff.


Oeko-Tex is a certification that guarantees that the textiles are completely free from harmful substances and do not contain any carcinogenic or allergy stimulants caused by colourants in textiles.

Our babynests are slightly larger, which in turn allows you to use the nest that little bit longer. The nest is designed to grow with your child and has an opening at the base, which can be adjusted as your child grows.

The mattress has a dimension of 33×70 cm, with a thickness of 3 cm. The combination of a thick mattress, a well filled bolster and mattress support fibreboard is the reason for our nests being firm and solid in its shape, with a weight of only 2 kg. The nest is both safe and light, making it easy to move around (without the child inside).

Wash & Care Instructions

The baby nest is comprised of three components, a cover with an integrated bolster, a mattress and a mattress support fibreboard. Before washing separate the three components by unzipping the nest at the base, then gently pull out the mattress and mattress support fibreboard from the cover. The components are to be washed individually as follows:

  • Cover and integrated bolster: Machine wash at 40°C on a delicate or handwash setting with a low spin cycle. After the wash, fluff the bolster wadding before and after air drying flat.
  • Mattress: Hand wash with a mild detergent, then gentle squeeze out excess liquid and leave to air dry flat. Do not wring as this may deform the mattress’ shape.
  • Mattress support fibreboard: N/A

When air drying; make sure it is in an area away from direct sunlight (this may result in bleaching or discolouring of the product) and well-ventilated (to avoid chances of mould development).

! Do not dry clean, tumble dry, soak or bleach, and do not use a lint roller on the bolster, as this can pull out the wadding fibres through the fabric.

Please so not hesitate to contact us if you have any further inquiries about out baby nest. We look forward to hearing from you.